Register a merchant account at to provide easy, one-click online payment for your clients. If a client is not regisered with PayPal they can still pay you by using their credit card to make payments with PayPal.

Clean and hassle-free interface that is easy to learn and use

Send a quote to your client and they can approve it with a single click from the web-panel.

What is InvoiceHosting?

We use InvoicePlane, a free, open source invoicing software that you host on a server and use for basic invoicing & client management. This system is mostly used by freelancers, self-employed people and small to medium sized companies which need a reliable and easy to use invoicing system.

Why you need us?

What we do is set up InvoicePlane for you on one of our servers. You look after your clients, we take care of maintenance, back-ups, upgrades, server speed and security. You just take care of business without worrying about the technical details of hosting, secure in the knowledge that we have your back.

How does it work?

Invoicehosting is here to make your life easier - you can control your invoices, manage your clients, set up easy automation for regular clients, set tax rates, send quotes easily and quickly, most importantly you can have all your invoicing needs in one safe place.

Try the demo over at

Hosting Packages

Shared Hosting

We can set you up with shared hosting on


Your own domain

You can have your own domain name on one of our servers.



You can have the system on your very own server- one of our fast virtual private servers


Prices start from €17 for 12 months hosting